Student Testimonies

Welcome to the Catholic Campus Ministry! If you are interested in deepening your faith, meeting new people, learning more about Catholicism, and attending fun events, then CCM is for you!

Here at UNCC, I joined CCM as a freshman and am now a senior. I can safely say that CCM has become one of the best and most important experiences of my college life. Not only have I met lifelong friends, but I have also grown as a Catholic by learning from my peers and others. Being surrounded by fellow college students who share the love of the Catholic faith, while also learning from priests, parishioners, and Catholics with advice to share is an amazing opportunity and experience.

In CCM you will be surrounded by an amazing group of people who love the Lord. Through fellowship, a strong community, and many fun opportunities, the Catholic Campus Ministry is the place to be.

Emily Kottak, CCM Vice President

As a Catholic student attending a large state school, I knew that it would be important for me to seek out opportunities to stay connected to my faith. Upon arriving at UNC Charlotte, I quickly sought out the Catholic Campus Ministry (CCM) as a way to interact with other Catholic students and to grow in intimacy with God. Since beginning my time as a member of CCM, I have seen growth in my faith through the events we have held, relationships I have made, and the desire it has fostered to make my faith my own.

I look forward to our Wednesday Night Dinners which provide an opportunity for fellowship with other Catholics as well as spiritual, service, and social events. We have had dynamic speakers, pray the Rosary, participate in the Sacraments, hold bonfires, field games, retreats, and much more. There is something for everyone who is interested in getting involved with the Catholic Campus Ministry.

One of the most impactful aspects of my time in CCM has been my role as a member of the Leadership Team. This opportunity has allowed me to work closely with our members and other leaders to plan events and reach a greater number of students. Not only have I been able to strengthen my love for the Catholic Church in this time, but I have also been able to help guide others to Christ. The events we have held and people I have met through CCM have truly fostered my desire to serve the Lord and to draw His children nearer to Him. My discernment of a religious vocation has taken place and been enhanced by my time in the Catholic Campus Ministry and I cannot wait to see where the Lord plans to take me from here!

Abigail Rose, Junior Civil Engineering Major